Neem Cake

Neem Cake Powder

  • Neem Cake is the residue of neem oil which we obtain from the first quality of neem seed’s kernel which has been crushed to extract neem oil.
  • Pure residual oil cake in cake or pellet form is a bye-product of the pure neem oil, & a 100% eco-friendly organic manure/fertilizer.

Product Description

Neem Cake is the Future of farming in Indian and abroad. We have developed a unique neem cake which contains more Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium & magnesium and bitter Limonoids. It is a proven soil Conditioners and it is being used directly or in blends with other manures like urea farmyard manure etc. for its benefits of organic nutrients, Pest repellent properties.

  • Neem Cake Organic Manure is very effective in the growth, yield and quality of agricultural crops.
  • There is a significant improvement in soil health in all plants treated with Neem Cake.
  • The organic carbon contents increased with an increase in the dose of Neem Cake manure.
  • Soil moisture content is increased during the crop growth period with the application of Neem Cake Organic Manure.
  • Nematode control: The nematodes such as Haplolaimus indicus Helicotylenchus Sp and many others are being controlled by this neem cake product. It also controls parasitic fungi such as R. brassica.
  • Insect pest control: This product also controls Grain moth, lesser grain moth and red flour beetle.
  • Increase in Earthworm population: In places where Neem Cake Organic Manure is used, an increase in earthworm population is found.

Contents of Neem Cake (Organic Manure)

Organic Carbon>30%
Nitrogen >3%
Phosphorus >1%
Potassium >1%
Salannin >300 ppm
Oil Content>1%
Azadiratchin>300 ppm
Aflatoxin NIL
Moisture 12% max
DOSAGE for Neem Cake Organic Manure

Potted Plants:

  • a) Small 50g/Pot
  • b) Large 100g/Pot

Flowering Plants:

  • a) Roses 100g/Plant
  • b) Hibiscus 200g/Plant
  • c) Crotons 200g/Plant
  • d) Bougainvillea 500g/Plant

Plantation Crops:

  • Coffee 1000 Kgs Per Hectare
  • Tea 1000 Kgs Per Hectare
  • Rubber 3 Kgs Per Plant

Kitchen Garden Vegetables:

  • a)Common Vegetables Like Okra, Tomato 200g/
  • b) Banana 500g/Plant
  • c) Coconut 2 Kg/Tree
  • d) Other fruit trees 1 Kg/Tree
  • e) Lawn 200g/

Field Crops:

  • Rice 750 Kgs Per Hectare
  • Wheat 1000 Kgs Per Hectare
  • Sugarcane 2400 Kgs Per Hectare
  • Soyabean 600 Kgs Per Hectare
  • Tobacco 1000 Kgs Per Hectare

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